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I went to school and earned a master’s degree in mathematics, and then it was time to choose a career path.

I loved teaching as a graduate teaching assistant, but without a PhD you can’t really lecture at a major university (unless you’re a genius, which I am not). Since I didn’t want to let that deter me from a real passion, I decided to work part-time as an instructor at my local state college and I love it.

For my career I found a great opportunity to work as a data scientist, and eventually the product manager, at a startup company called GleanView. At GleanView I always had unique challenges to look forward to, and our team relied on innovation and creativity to solve the problems we faced. The product we developed empowered B2B entities by providing them with a powerful set of software tools that increased their productivity through automation and insights. GleanView attempted to set a high bar for expectations when it came to the capabilities that could be delivered by a non-enterprise CRM.

As of mid 2018 I have moved on from GleanView (I wish them the best!) to Florida Blue, a large health insurance company that has a strong desire to implement machine learning, and more modern approaches to analytics within their claims department. I am looking forward to helping them achieve their goals, and I see much success ahead!

I’ve always found open-source projects fascinating, in particular because the community that gives so much really doesn’t expect anything in return. It’s done for reasons mostly pure. That really became the inspiration for this blog. It’s my way of giving back to my students, by sharing difficult concepts with them in a new light. It’s also my way of sharing some python coding concepts with people who maybe can’t find what they’re looking for elsewhere. Finally, it’s my way of exploring something I want to just for the heck of it.

In this blog I’m not always going to use 100% pythonic code. I’m not out to optimize every line as there’s no reason to. This is for fun. This is for results and print statements. I am well aware of PEP8 and The Zen of Python.

I hope you enjoy your time on the site!


If you want to get in touch or have any questions about any content I’ve made write to [email protected].

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